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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning thanks for joining us on this tuesday, september 5th. i'm matt keller, reggie and natasha are off today. >> we're already having a fun morning, some laughs today. maybe it's because it's cooled down a little bit and everyone's kind of back to normal. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> we can relax a little bit. >> you guys were a little edgy yesterday. >> i was just me all weekend, i'll admit if the i was not a nice person. >> too hot. >> too hot. >> no way. >> too hot to be nice, okay. fair enough. yeah, people should be a lot nicer the next couple days especially come wednesday and thursday when it's our coolest
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pest let's show you what's going on. don't have quite a stout sea breeze yet we've got a 14 mile an hour wind at fairfield and the winds are picking up just a little bit. here's a look at our roof camera and you can see the flags, they're not unfurled as much as we'd like but the air's a little bit cleaner this morning. 66 to 71. now let's go through noon, 68 at the coast, around the bay 70 eight. 83 inland. 4:0082 around the bay, 76 at the coast. the bay 76, inland about 78. notice we'll see increasing sunshine and not as hazy today. we'll take a look at that cooling trend coming up soon. alexis. just getting word of a 20-minute bart delay downtown oakland in all directions. sounds like some maintenance they were doing overnight went a little bit tlat morning so i'll follow up with that. right now looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, quite the backup on this left side in those cash lanes and look how many more vehicles are out there
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fom a day ago. yesterday was the holiday, we barely had anyone on the roads but today things are going to ramp up as everyone heads back to work and school. westbound 580 to tracy, 43 minutes. antioch to confor the 14, and san rafael to san francisco you're still looking okay too at just about 16 minutes. good news on a crash we had just south of gilroy. i'll talk more about that coming up next. developing news in the south bay, a brush fire in gilroy now affectbling a local middle school. >> parents are being told to make alter to nate dropoff plan and part of a popular park is close the. tiffany wilson is live in gilroy with more. tiffany. >> reporter: good morning. in just the past hour we've seen a very small fires flickering on the dark hillside right here behind us. now the latest from cal fire is that this fire has burned 100 acres and it 10% contained. neighbors told abc 7 news that
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kids playing with fireworks sparked the fire sunday night. cal fire says the cause is still under investigation. the fire will impact some kids going to school today. families with schools at sa lar sa knowna middle school will have to make pickup and drop jaupoff arrangements. the south side of christmas hill park is still open. no buildings are at risk but still neighbors say they are feeling the impact of this fire. >> our cars are completely covered with ashes. it was so thick 23 we opened the window three or four inches it just filled the house with just a super, super strong smoke smell. >> reporter: helicopters dropped water on the tough to reach terrain yesterday. the thick smoke has created poor air quality around gilroy so police are advising peoe who live near fwoi stay indoors and to keep their windows shut. lye in gilroy, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tiffany. a team of san jose firefighters is headed to battle a wildfire that's threatening 200 homes in
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madero county. they'll join several crews from all over the state. firefighters say a wet winter means there's more grass to burn in the hilly and rugged terrain. residents face evacuation words when their homes remain threat end. >> find out when i come up here the whole mount tape was on fire. >> i was stressed out. my dogs are up there yet too and i was worried about them. >> erratic winds pose a risk for crews that you baez the flames could change direction at any time. it's burned about 650 ache rerz nor word on containment. happening today, attorney general jeff sessions will talk about president trump's decision on whether to end daca. the obama era program that protects young immigrants from deportation. white house officials tell abc news the president is leaning towards phasing out the program if the if he does congress is
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expected to be given six months to come up with legislation. download the abc 7 news app. >> that's right. if you get the app you'll be the first to know when attorney general makes his his daca announcement this morning at 8. we will send out a push alert as soon as it happens. happening today, a far right activist faces charges stemming from a bloody protest in berkeley may enter a plea. he's accuse of use being an illegal baton in counterprotesters in safe rally back in march. he has a long criminal history. could face up to eight years in prison if convicted. new developments this morning in the 2015 death of a teenage jogger in san rafael. 17-year-old ora celeste machado was hit and killed after she ran into a traffic lane on point san peddro road as she was trying to get around a fallen tree limb. her family sued the city and the driver as well as the county claiming negligence becausethe tree limb was not removed. according to our news partner, the marin independent journal,
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the lawsuit has been said the will for over $750,000. happening today, a hearing consider rescinding the sale of an exclusive private street from san francisco. south bay couple won an auction to own presidio terrace after the homeowner's association failed to pay faxes for 30 years. today the board of supervisor will plan for an october 31st hearing to take up the issue. the berkeley city council is preparing to vote whether women should be allowed to go toless in town. the current law says women cannot expose their breasts in public while men can roam around shirtless. the proposed changes apply only to public streets. private business cos refuser is strois people who are not wearing shirts or shoes. several women have raised the question about gender equality for nudity laws. >> we were born naked, you know what i mean? like, i don't know. our nipples were showing when we
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were born so what's wrong with that. >> the mother in me says keep your shirt on and me with empowered women says do what makes you feel good. >> they will take up the toless issue at their meeting one week from today. bay area renters and landlords are watching the case set to go before the court of appeals this fall. i judge the decide the strength of evision protections for single family homes and condos. a couple in the sunset district is suing thai new landlord. the landlord more than tripled their previous rent from 1900 $ a month to $6,700 a month. the couple argues the dramatic increase say loophole landlords use to evict tenants without paying tenant relocation fees. in may, the seep yore court of san francisco sided with the landlord. here's a story that will warm your heart, kids helping kids. a brother and cyster in the north bay spent their labor day raising money for texas. they set up a lemonade stand in tiburon for hurricane harvey relief. they came up with the idea in
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the first two hours they made $40 and counting. >> this is kind of fun. >> i'm very proud of them. >> well, i always feel good about helping kids in need 'cause they're like us. >> and they sure did. they have such big hearts, mike, in addition to lemonade, ava and aaron sold their toys as well. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> love to see that, love to hear that, teach them good habits at such an early age. inspiration for everybody else. let's talk about what's going on temperaturewise. 60 snichl half moon bay. upper 60s in pacifica, daly city, menlo park, and then low 70s for the rest of the peninsula. so still a little stuffy out there, 73 in san carlos because of the humidity and the clouds that are hanging around. low to mid-70s in hayward, fremont and down to san jose. low to mid-70s in inland east bay neighborhoods around napa, san rafael.
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68 in santa rosa, san francisco, and oakland for some of the cooler spots. it's mostly cloudy right now and 72 at sfo, probably some flight arrival delays. if you're not with us, i'll let you know via social media@mikeniccoabc 7. not as breezy at our beaches but then again not quite as warm as it was yesterday, and outdoors breathe the clean air if you're going to be exercising. take a look around the state today and everybody's looking significantly cooler except for palm springs still holding on to the 100s there. mid to upper 90s around fresno, redding. 89 sacramento. chance of thunderstorms around tahoe and yosemite once again. san jose, we can actually see 280 and 17. we couldn't see it yesterday. notice 70s and mainly 80s 80s today, 60s, 70s, 80s tomorrow and, what's that? a chance of a shower on thursday. it's a small chance, look at that, 60s and 70s for highs. we'll talk about both of those coming up next. alism is. i want to take balk to
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redwood city, that's where we had that fatal crash overnight involving a car that crashed through a fence, landed on the tracks and then was hit by an emptyual train train this morning at about 2:00 a.m. nt was at buckingham and west moreland. they say emergency crews are trying to clear those tracks. for the moment both drigss are still blocked and it sounds like we could have a bus bridge set up. they're working around getting around that this morning. as soon as we get more information i will update but if you take caltrain from about the palo alto area into redwood city i'd plan on some delays today. better news, northbound 101 just past state route 156 we had a serious crash overdmiet. we had med vacuum in. they have left the scene. the scene is totally clear, lanes back open and no delays there. a quick check of bart, a 20-minute delay right now. this is due to late track work. we had that major work i should say in downtown oakland all weekend.
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it went a little late this morning so that 20-minute delay impacting all directions right now. >> thank you. busy out there for the commute. rising tensions with north korea, next why russian president vladimir putin now saying sanctions against the rogue nation will not work. no ticket, no problem. starting today the airport where nonpassengers can get past airport security without having a ticket. >> and of course we wanted to you have a better day, here's a feature you'll only see on abc 7 news. we have live weather and traffic we have live weather and traffic up four throughout
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now a live desk update. welcome back. new response to the rising tensions with north korea coming into our live desk. this morning, russian president vladimir putin calling for talks with north korea. he says u.n. sanctions against the regime will not stop the nuke yore threats. china has agreed to stop importing goods to north korea. meanwhile, south korea flexing its military muscles conducting navy drills off the eastern coast. and yesterday u.s. ambassador nikki haley issued a warning to the north korean dictator. >> this abusive use of missiles and his nuclear threats show that he's begging for war. >> president trump says he's now crediting a military strike. north korea has carried out 13 missile launches since february. a murder investigation is under way in north korea after a
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husband called 911 to say he may have stabbed his wife. suspect says he think he took too much cold medicine and woke up to find his wife dead. abc's diane ma say the toe has the did he tails in today's gma first look. >> reporter: new details in the case of a husband who say he may have killed his wife in his sleep. 28-year-old matthew phelps is behind bars charged with murder in the death of his wife of ten months, lauren. >> i think i killed my -- >> what do you mean fwha? what happened. >> lauren was found stabbed to death at the couple's raleigh home on friday morning. they say he took over the count at the med stoin sleep just the night before. >> what medicine did you take. >> i took core seed dinry mow it can make you feel good so a lot of times i can't sleep at night. >> the maker of core seed din tells abc news it continually monitors adverse effects regarding all of our products and there's no evidence to
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suggest that it is associated with violent behavior. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., dan abrams weighs in live. abc news, new york. happening today, the united nations is honoring the 20th anniversary of the death of mother teresa and they're deds ig nating september 5th as the international dave charity. mother teresa founded the order of missionaries charity and devoted her live to people living in the slums of calcutta. she was canon nized last year. the u.n. general assembly recognizes the role of charity in easing human suffering. starting today, you don't need a plane ticket to get past security, right, matt? >> you don't. especially at pittsburg international airport. still need to go through tsa screening, but this means walk a loved one to the gate. pits purg is the first u.s. international airport to allow
5:17 am
people to the terminals since the 9/11 attacks. another powerful hurricane could be on clugs with the united states. only moments ago irma was upgreated to a category five storm. it's headed straight across the northern caribbean toward florida. it will head into the leeward islands later today and it show them impacting florida late saturday. we have the latest. >> reporter: this morning workers at florida grocery stores are restocking as residents get a head start on hurricane irma. >> water, batteries, flashlights the essentials. >> i think it's a little bit too early to tell, but it's a good time to be prepared. >> at this miami home depot, generators are in high demand and the ply board to board up windows is sold out. >> we had a spike in sales and our batteries, lan attorneys, our generators and our plywood. >> the governor has issued a state of emergency has it barrels through the caribbean
5:18 am
with possible landfall in south florida. they say he spoke with president trump who offered the full resources of the federal government. also in the systems site puerto rico where hurricane warnings are already posted. >> >> reporter: the national guard has been activated, schools have been closed and workers across this island have been ordered to kutd their days short so they can get ready. >> in the u.s. virgin islands, fema is sending supplies in giant containers and the coast guard has evacuated 60 people. airlines are also preparing with most carriers waiving fees for flight changes in the caribbean. american airlines is preemptively canceling flights from miami to st. kitts and saint moort continue today and cruise ships are rerouting to dodge the storm. >> yeah, you've got to imagine folks in florida really nervous after hurricane harvey. >> yes, absolutely. let's check in with mike nicco. we'll start with the hurricane and then we'll get to
5:19 am
our weather. >> i want to show what you happened during the overnight hours, something unprecedented, that seems to be the case with this hurricane season. had is the farthest west we've ever recorded a hurricane with 175 mile an hour. that's sustained winds. they would get up to 200 mile an hour winds in the is going to be a devastate, life-changing, possibly island rearranging storm as it moves right over the islands, the british and u.s. virgin islands. and if there's a little bit of silver lining at least it's going to move to the north of dominican republic, puerto rico and cuba because the strongest part of the storm is in the northern part of the storm as it moves off to the west. you can see by sunday now it's looking like sunday overnight in monday it could be moving right between cuba and florida bearing down on the keys. that's just not good. all right. here's a look at what's coming back at home on the other side.
5:20 am
letter able today. little bill cooler. chance the lie showers and our coolest day will be thursday and seasonal highs will return by the weekend. temperatures from 82 in milpitas, san jose 80 phi to 80 snichl gilroy and mar gone hill. 80 in monta view, aept 1 in las altoes, upper 60s to near 70 along the coast today, mid-70s for downtown, probably sausalito i'll need to raise that temperature a little bit. 80 to about 85 through the north bay valleys. and then the east bay shore, about 73 to 79. take it to union and fremont, 80s there. 85 to 88 degrees in our inland east bay neighborhoods. my seven-day forecast you can see tomorrow about the same and then with that chance of showers thursday andhen the cool breeze coming off the ocean friday, our two coolest breeze then we see a little bit of a warming trend saturday, sunday, monday but much better than last weekend. >> we're off to a busy start
5:21 am
here on the roads and with mass transit this morning. here's a quick check of the san mateo bridge, looking okay at this point but right around international we still have that disabled semi blocking the far right lane right now. as those vol volumes start to increase we could see things start to scloe down. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights yet but i bet they're flipping those on any minute now. what a difference 24 hours ago when everyone was off for the holiday. not the case today. things are definitely starting to ramp up. quick check of some drive times here, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 51 minutes here in the yellow. southbound 6 teet dublin mission boulevard about 16. and northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, you look great 15 minutes. we got new information from caltrain about that deadly crash and how that will impact this morning's commute. i'll update you on that next. millions of honda and acura owners could receive $500, that's if a federal judge
5:22 am
approves the saif class action lawsuit over defective air bags. honored and at takata corporation have agreed to a $600 million settlement covering more than 16.5 million vehicle owners. the defect caused vehicles with takata air bags to explode upon deployment and has been linked to 16 deaths and more than 180 injuries. for a list of the vehicles covered by this settlement, go to next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. plus angelina jolie says she's ready to get back in front of the camera. the disney project she's excited to be a part of agai to be a part of agai and the food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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crashed on the tracks overnight ending up in the path of a train. number two we were concerned about what impact that was going to have on the commute this morning. we just got some good news from caltrain. the track have just been cleared for train movement, however, they will have a ten-mile-per-hour speed reinstruction through redwood city so you can expect delays this morning. number three president trump just tweetded about daca. he says, quote, congress get ready to do your job and then daca with an kpla naigs medication point. attorney general jeff sessions will announce trump's decision regarding daca at 8:00 this morning. number four, firefighters continue to battle the brush fire in gilroy this morning. at least 100 acres have burned so far and it's only 10% contained. neighbors tell nbc 7 news kids playing with fireworks sparked the flames. number 5, people preparing for hurricane irma has its strengthened into a category 5 storm. it's making its way toward the northwest caribbean. official say it could dump up to 10 inches of rain and cause
5:26 am
flash flooding. we'll have more on that coming up in the weather in the next half hour. let's focus on us and we're number six. last night we put the heat wave and the poor air quality to bed. temperatures close to average within four greeds on the high side and one degree on the low side. enjoy. number seven, forget the diet, it's national cheese pizza day. check your favorite pizza place, many are offering deals, that includes pizza hut where you can get a large pie for just 5 bucks. i can wlif that. angelina jolie getting back into front of the camera eventually. they tells the hollywood reporter she took more than a year off because of her family situation including her split with brad pitt and to take care of her kids. she will be back to play the title character in ma leif sent 2. release date has not been announced but jolie just confirmed over the weekend she will return to the movie. disney is the parent company of abc 7. over the weekend we told but
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shea socka har ra the 12-year-old giants fan with cerebral fallsy. they sent a care package that moved him to tears. he says he copied the throwing motion of jim abbot after seeing a video of him and now abbot who has heard about shea sent him a little of encouragement and an autographed photo. abbot was a very popular pitcher for the california and even pitched a no-hitter so you can have some great success going on there. >> inspiration for him, i love it. we're coming back way full 90 minutes of news include wlag could be a big day for medical marijuana dispensaries in the east bay. >> and we're keeping track of 30 fires burning in cal, the areas fatsing the biggest threats right now. we're having a better day. we hope you are too. we want to get you off on the right foot. right foot. we're
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now from abc 7, live, breaking news. >> that breaking news is in red wood city where a driver is dead after their car was hit by a train. >> investigators say that person crashed their car through a fence, ended up on the tracks right in the path of danger. it's something alexis smith has been tracking all morning for us, but first we want to get to abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield who just got to the scene. what does it look like? >> reporter: hi, jessica the 'we just got here and it sounds like they've made a lot of progress here. they just moved the train that was involved in the accident off of the tracks. the car is also gone. so they should be able to open the tracks pretty soon here. they're investigating it right now, but i'm joined by chp officer who can tell us more about the current situation. you guys have made some good progress out here? >> yes. by this point, like you mentioned, the train's already gone, we've picked up the vehicle, so now at this point we're just waiting to see what
5:31 am
caltrain says what they need to do. they're cleaning up the tracks, there's a lot of liquid and anything that was from the vehicle itself. so -- >> and so what happened? i understand a car crashed through a fence and landed on the tracks? >> correct. about 1 shortly after 1:00 in the morning we got a call that the vehicle went through the fence over at buckingham and west moreland, landed on the tracks on the viefr's side with the bottom of the vehicle facing the train. and was hit by a t dral dragged all the way over here. >> you don't think of trains running that the hour. what kind of train was this? >> this train from what we hear it was not on service so it was actually just going to san francisco and, you know, this trains travel at a high raflt speed so the vehicle being on the tracks, that created a situation. >> really unlucky timing. that's sad. okay. officer thank you so much for your help. we really appreciate it. did i talk to a sheriff's deputy at the next train crossing down
5:32 am
the road and he was telling us that he had seen a commuter train just recently come through here, that they were single track spogt sounds like commuters need to be a little flexible on your timing but that you will have caltrain this morning. amy holly field, abc 7 news. now a commuteder alert. >> hey, i think we're going to have delays today with caltrain but we do have more information frompeople them. they say the tracks have been cleared for train movement and that's by the transit police. so trains will be able 0 get through the area. i'm not sure if they're have to single track or not. they will be at a reduced speed so 10 mile an hour speed restriction through the red wood city area. initially they were thinking they'd have to set up a business bridge, they're not going to have to do that anymore. that is going to cut some time for your commute. still expect some delays but it's not as bad as we initially thought it was going to be and as soon as we have anymore updates from caltrain we'll pass those along to you. in the meantime the roads filling in this morning as well and labor day holiday is over so
5:33 am
everyone heading back to work and school. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on at 5:21 today, a big change from yesterday when they weren't even flipped on the entire morning. mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. amazing how you flipped the switch on that traffic from one holiday to everybody back to be school. may even have one of those coming up. let's look at what's going on as far as your visibility out there. notice it's just about unlimited, that's what 10 means as i've yof laid that on live dopplar seven. the air is definitely cleaner. temperatures still a little warm this morning and we talked about it yesterday because of the cloud cover. 66 to 71, 68 to 69, 70 tooit 82 around the bay, inland 83 to 86. pretty comfortable this evening, 66 to 76 to 77 from the coast to bay to inland. thank you. developing news in the south bay, parents are being warned to make alternate dropoff plans at one gilroy school and it's all because of a brush fire burning
5:34 am
right now. the fire started sunday night off ballybunion court in santa clara county not far from gilroy. cal fire says the cause is still under investigation. but neighbors tell abc 7 news the fire was started by kids playing with fireworks. the fire has burned at least 100 acres and is only 10 prs contained. officials say no homes, though, are threatened. the fire has forced the closure of the ranch side of christmas hill park, so families with students at solar son know middle school have to make alternate dropoffs and pick up arrangements today. new this morning, the chp is investigating after a deadly crash on 680 and alameda county. it happened around 9:30 last night. it appears a young woman swerved to avoid a camper shell blocking a lane. her car rolled over, another car hit her. a woman as killed. the crash blocked two lanes on the highway for hours overnight. police say they don't know how that camper shell ended up in
5:35 am
the road. developing news out of santa clara county this morning. police are sermging for a 62-year-old woman who disappeared yesterday. they say this woman, jean core rotty has dementia and is at risk. she was last seen at valley fair around 4 in the afternoon. she has brown eyes, gray hair and about 5'10". contact santa clara police if you've seen her. new developments in a santa barbara kidnapping case. virginia paris has been found in henderson nevada just outside of las vegas only moments ago. her daughter told the abc station there that paris is safe, the santa barbara county sheriff's office believes she was taken against her will by a former boyfriend last friday. paris and joseph hetzel were caught on camera checking out of a motel in arizona yesterday morning. they were also spotted in a starbucks where paris told a customer she needed help. no word if police have hetzel in custody. a developing news, house leaders plan to vote tomorrow on
5:36 am
a bill to deliver disaster relief to texas as it recovers from hurricane harvey. $7.9 billion package could replenish a rapidly depleting aid fund. the crisis is far from over. storm has killed at least 60 people and damaged 185,000 homes. schools are also dealing with major damage forcing thousands of students to relocate. this morning, the bay area search and rescue team is back home after spending more than a week helping in houston abc 7 news was at oakland international airport last night for the heartwarming homecoming. >> knowing he's there helping people that are in a huge time of need is amazing to know that he was able to make a difference in so many people's lives. >> it's kind of sad to see that much stuff under water and for so long. even on our way to the airport we could still see parts of the houston under water. >> there's still two dozen firefighters driving back with all the equipment. they should be home thursday and friday. crew's part of oakland's search
5:37 am
and rescue task force 4 team. they say harvey a reminder to stock your home with emergency supplies. happening today, the san francisco board of supervisors will reconsider the ban on flavored tobacco products. it's a ban they actually passed this summer back in june. groups in support of the ban will rally on the steps of city hall today at noon. the board can either repeal or put it up for the next scheduled city election which will be next june. supervisor ma lea cohen say sponsor of the law and says she hopes if it lands on the ballot health conscious voters will choose to keep the ban. also happening today, the city of alameda will dus discuss a proposed bill to end a ban or medical marijuana dispensaries. if if approved it would allow three dispensaries one to serve medical users and two for recreational user. a group plans to submit a petition with 600 signatures in support of it. they say they would generate at
5:38 am
least $800,000 a year in business taxes. a wild police chase in marin county ended with some frightening moments for another driver. the second driver says it came to an end when the suspect collided with her black bmw at the mill valley off-ramp from highway 101. it's next to a popular trail for runners and bikers. witnesses say the crash could have been much worse. >> everyone was concerned. they were wondering if we were okay and they said it was really, really horrible and that was really terrible and they were wondering if we were okay. and then everybody just kept saying we were really lucky. >> both cars have significant damage but no one was injured. police identified the the suspect as 45-year-old aaron lee of san rafael fet was charged with evading arrest, reckless driver and possession of methamphetamine. first responders had to pull a man out of his car, they say he lost control, hit the curve and flipped his car. he sold first responders he was
5:39 am
trapped inside. they did help him get out of the car. he was not hurt. now your accuweather forecast with mike nooek nicco. >> let's look at suit tro tower and we cannot only see san francisco, we can see over towards oakland right berkeley and emeryville and that's quite a chak. we are moderate to good, so breathe easy all day today, it's not a spare the air day. let's talk about temperatures. we're a little bit warmer this morning. we talked about this yesterday because of the cloud cover and the humidity 'so most neighborhoods waking up to temperatures a little bit harder to deal with during the overnight hours but i promise you the next couple of mornings you're going to sleep much better. here's where you notice the big change. not only when we opened up the weather window but look at mont diablo or it's only 69. we've been in the 80s and 90s the last couple days so you can see the heart of the heat has moved on. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s for the inland
5:40 am
neighborhoods, antioch a little bit warmer are at 73. 74 in san jose, warm there. 72 in san carlos. monta view, 70 in vallejo, napa, sill 68 in san francisco. here's a look at the san mateo bridge, you can tell school and work are back in session. not as hazy, mass transit mild to warm. and breezy on the bay, especially north of the bay bridge. 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s for the rest of us. the 60s will start to creep closer to san francisco while we'll stay in the 70s and 80s tomorrow. but look at this, even cooler for thursday, as summer slips away and a slight chance of a shower develops thursday. i'll show you the rest of the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up 379 alexis. we are starting to ramp up on the commute this morning. want to take you up to the richmond area where where he we have a backup on westbound 80. we've got a multicar crash just before carlson boulevard. sounded like it was blocking one, maybe two lanes and i think they were able to push that off to the side. in any was expect delays coming
5:41 am
from highway 4 trying to get to the maze this morning. now it sounds like we've got a disabled vehicle sitting in the far right lane near richmond parkway as well within this backup. check out walnut creek camera, southbound 680 everyone riding their brakes at this point. summer vacation officially over. and we've had a handful of issues with mass transit as well. we're continuing to follow that deadly crash in redwood city. you've got a 10-mile-per-hour speed restriction through that area but you won't have to use a bus bridge. bart 20-minute delay in downtown oakland due to late track work this morning. and ace rail we didn't have anything over the weekend but we do to the. ace out on time. more than a dozen wildfires burning in california, coming up the effect they're having on the air you breathe. and a little humor as you get back into work today. a moose taking on a very worthy opponent. we'll explain and let you know who won between him and the tire swing there.
5:42 am
and as you get your day into gear, make it a better day, keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial brea with abc 7 news now. we'll be right back.
5:43 am
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welcome back. you're watching abc 7 mornings and on this day in 1977 the voyager i spacecraft was launched. happening today, nasa will celebrate the event. voyager i seen here in an artist rentd e rendering was launched 16 days after its twin voyager ii and both are still going strong traveling a combind 24 billion miles. voyagers originally explored jupiter and saturn. the smith sewnian air and space museum will host this morning's event. we are told the celebrity guest the transmitt a galactic message towards voyager i. in ork, the eagle creek fire being pushed by strong twhinds morning. the huge wildfire already has now grown in size to 4,800 acres. >> interstate 84 the route through the columbia river gorge expected to be closed most of the day. the fire was most likely caused by fireworks and they have identified a suspect. mandatory evacuations are in place and area schools are
5:46 am
closed as are several roads. yesterday the fire grew by 1600 acres. meanwhile, in california there are 29 wildfires burning throughout the state. here's a map showing you where they are. the active fires in red. more than 12,000 firefighters are battle these blazes. one of the largest threatening 2,700-year-old giant sequoias in ma i doya county. they have burned 9,700 acres and has forced the closure of highway 41. that's the southern entrance in yosemite. the fire is 203% contained. some better news in southern california, people evacuated by the la tuna fire near burbank and glendale are able to be back home this morning, cooler temperatures and a sudden downpour sudden helped extinguish the blaze. the fire burned more than 7,000 acres and destroyed at least three homes. well, finally a breath of fresh air after days of haze over the bay area, the spare the air alert for today has been
5:47 am
lifted. >> good news. smoke and soot from more than a dozen fires burning in northern california and oregon added to our hazy skies yesterday. the light smoke stayed put during the last few days of extreme heat because there was no wind to push it out. >> we've not had fresh wind, not had a lot of ventilation, so high heat, low wind, we're breathing in smoke and ozone. >> doctors said they received complaints of headaches and coughing, gusty winds are headed our way and should push the dirty air back to the north, at least that's the hope. fingers crossed. >> it's been nicer over the weekend. it was obviousy very hot so it's nice to have cooler temperatures today as well. mike. those southeasterly winds were keeping us from venting our usual pollution but it was bringing pollution up from down in socal and right now we're starting to see that absolutely start to plichl out. you can see from the tower there we can see most of the bay. cleaner air, a brighter
5:48 am
afternoon spot have those sunglasses handy. marine layer returns tonight and that's going to bring us the cooling that we've all wanted at least during the overnight hours. it will get rid of some of this humidity. also below average highs are ahead in my accuweather seven-day forecast. here's what's left of the irma, you can see it spinning counterclockwise drawing that up humidity and the poor air quality down from southern california. now, irma's eventually going to make a beeline to the east on thursday and that's high we'll have a chance of light showers and some of our coolest days thursday and friday. today we're close to average, about 82 to 86 down in the south bay. 79 los gatos, little bit cooler. 80s around brentwood city, mountain view, and 70s along the rest of the peninsula. along the set of 60 eight to 70 there, 75 downtown san francisco. 80 in napa, 85 in calistoga. 80 in san rafael. 76 in vallejo. we'll have 76 in hercules, 81 in
5:49 am
fremont, and 85 to about 808 inland. how are you going to sleep tonight? how about 60 to 65 degrees. that's a little bit better than the 70s we're dealing with. this morning, all right. check out the temperatures thursday and friday below average with that chance of showers thursday and then saturday, sunday, monday back to average which will feel pretty good cared to last weekend. >> that's a huge cool down. >> we always look forward to this day four because everybody's back to school and most of the summer is vacation time is over. >> i don't know if looking forward to it. >> we're looking to you for advice to get us through it. >> we really are ramping up so summer vacation officially over, everybody heading back to work and school today if you hadn't already before the labor day holiday. here's a quick check outside and the bay bridge toll plaza our gaugetor how businessa y it's going to be on the road. those meergt lights were turned on about 5:21 this morning. huge difference from yesterday when there was nobody on the roads. seeing those typical weekday volumes fill in this morning. little bit of good news in the
5:50 am
hayward area. we had a disabled semi on westbound 92 before you get to the san mateo bridge. that was just bast international. we just got the all clear from chp so we do have some backup towards the 880 but that should thin out quickly. that cleared really just in time for the morning commute to ramp up. also another update here from caltrain. following up with that deadly crash, vehicle went through a fence, landed on the tracks overnight then that vehicle was truck by an empty caltrain train that was hauling some equipment. the tracks were cleared for transit in both directions. we just got word that the speed restrictions have been removed as well. they were having to slow down u those down to about 10 miles per hour, now they can head through it full speed and we've got about a ten-minute delay. a huge improvement there. next traffic update in less than 10 minutes. a moose in washington state couldn't quite figure out a tire swing this weekend. a homeowner actually took video of this moose acting as though he's going to charge the tire then backing off and then just standing there. homeowner said she wanted to get
5:51 am
a closer look but realized she was wearing a big fluffy red bathrobe and figured that may not go over too well with the bull moose. the moose event wally left after finally realizing his ofent ponment wasn't going to fight back. >> i'm glad she didn't go out there way big red robe. the moose might have charged her. >> could have been bad news. >> she would have been a bright red target. new at 6:00, playing the odds. how you can win money. if you guess the name of the next royal baby. >> the new zries i device allowing to you control sounds through body movement. plus, are you thinking about fwagt new car? right now may not be the time. we're going to give you a reason to wait. and a better day starts here on abc 7 mornings even as we head to break. head to break. here's live weather and tra
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. pretty cool tech news four. a new musical device is creating a special link between musics and the ♪ >> see how her hand is moving there. photo tonic says users control music with only a few movements. it's done using a motion sensor that's connected to an app via bluetooth. slow movements create laid back music and the faster you move, the faster the beat. they say over 1,000 possible mixes are included in the app. >> main goal is to allow everyone to make music, to create a special link between music and our body because right now we are passive -- >> the motion sensor is
5:55 am
available online for about $95. it will be featured at this years 'ifa consumer electronic show in berlin. it's the world's largest trade show for consumer electronics and it opens to the public tomorrow. it is taking carmakers allot longer to sell their cars. more than two months is the average right now, but they're not panicking. the proof is in the 0% deals. they're hard to come by right now. a few months ago they were everywhere, but not now. the automotive experts at reporting that automakers have been stingy with those financing deals. only 10% of loans in august had 0% aprs compared to 15% of loans last august. so that's a 5% jump there. the average new car buyer is paying 2% more in interest than back in july. well burning man is over now area with their dirty vehicles and car washes are ready to handle that extra workload. action 7 news was at tower car
5:56 am
wash in san francisco where dusty cars were lined up for the burning man special. cost up to $350. pros who had been to the la playa before say they are precautions you can take. >> you want to tape up your vents, windows, any holes in the car, sun roof, things like >> this touchless wash razz closed yesterday but starting today they expect hundreds of vehicle each cold fronting $120 to clean. >> i was hoping we'd get a little bit of a nature car wash yesterday, it was just drops and made it worse. >> yeah, made it worse, didn't it 'and do the look for mother nature to help out whatsoever with the showers thursday. they'll be light in nature also. here's a look at irma, hurricane hunter plane is in right now seeing what she is up to and she's up to 175 mile an hour winds. are you kidding me? that's the farthest west we've had winds of that speed ever and by sunday night it is barreling through the strait between miami
5:57 am
and cuba. it's going to be devastating for the caribbean. 73 at 7:05 down to 67 at 10:05. enjoy the game tonight. taking you back up through the richmond area, the crash on carlson has cleared to the shoulder so that's improving a little bit but we have a disabled truck sitting in the far right lane. westbound 80 at richmond parkway. we've got a 25-minute drive on westbound 80 highway 4 trying to get to the maze. next traffic update at 6:00 a.m. thank you. one of the heroes from hurricane harvey is someone who means a lot to our community. next at 6:00, photo proof and a big thank you from us. >> plus the court case that could have an impact on where you live and how much you pay. and what we're learning and what we're learning about a pipeline break
5:58 am
5:59 am
. good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and a good tuesday morning,
6:00 am
over the weekend it was the heat. yesterday it was the haze, today happiness because it's finally over. you're looking live outside where the weather should return to normal today and get even cooler as we head through the week. there's a slight chance of another shower or two. >> thank goodness, especially for all those folks who don't have air-conditioning like me. >> sorry. >> it's been hard to sleep lately. >> i imagine so. >> i can't imagine -- well, it's been hard to sleep even for those -- it's been hard to sleep for everybody. >> yeah. >> harder for some than others, no doubt about it, absolutely. let's look at what's going on with live dopplar 7, overlay the wind so you can see there's a little bit of a sea breeze, 17 miles per hour that's helping clear out that nasty haze we had yesterday. a look from sutro tower we can see all the way over toward the east bay hills this morning. temperatures still warmer during the overnight hours because of the humidity and the cloud cover, 66 to 69. we'll manage around 70 for the better part of the afternoon at the


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